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Lindsey van de Wetering

Amsterdam based architect, curator, photographer and designer

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Awards and nominations

Unfair Architect Award 2021


The exhibition Design for Unfair22 by Lindsey van de Wetering Eleven Doors is one of the three designs that got selected by the jury to pitch for the Unfair Architect Award.

AHK Eindwerkprijs 2021


Nomination 'Eindwerkprijs' with Poku Oso

On show 

25 juli - oktober 2023


Amsterdam West

Exhibition 'Dromen over Suriname 2043'

21 october - 29 oktober 2023

Dutch Design Week 2023, De Portierslodge, Eindhoven

Talent Development

22 september - 13 november 2022

Keilezaal, Rotterdam

Exhibition FUTURE GENERATION part of Internationale Architecture Biennale Rotterdam 2022 (curator, exhibition design and builder) in close collaboration with Hanna Prinssen and Maria Christopoulou.

5-7 november 2021

Academie van Bouwkunst, Amsterdam

Graduation Show INTERWOVEN (curator, exhibition design and builder) in close collaboration with Hanna Prinssen

Archiprix 2021

Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam

Flux, TU Eindhoven

Archiprix 2021 exhibition

november 2020

Academie van Bouwkunst, Amsterdam

'Sled on the ICE' as part of Graduation Show LOOPED


MU Hybrid Art House, Eindhoven

'Sled on the ICE' as part of Weather or Not 


FABcity, Amsterdam

'Sled on the ICE'


In the summer of 2020, Lindsey van de Wetering completed her Master of Architecture at the Academy of Architecture with her groundbreaking project 'Poku Oso,' the new conservatory of Suriname. This project, which aimed to breathe new life into the neglected Cultuurtuin in Paramaribo, was awarded an Archiprix and nominated for the AHK Graduation Prize in 2021. The Cultuurtuin, once a nursery for exotic plants and trees, was at risk of disappearing due to neglect and land allocation.


Thanks to the Talent Development Grant from the Creative Industries Stimulus Fund, Lindsey had the opportunity to further explore the dream of Poku Oso in the period 2022-2023. She traveled to Suriname, where she got in touch with the Green Growth Suriname (GGS) foundation. This collaboration not only resulted in devising strategies to protect the Cultuurtuin but also emphasized the importance of nature-inclusive building in a city facing the consequences of sea-level rise and climate change.


As an ambassador for the nature organization Forest93, Lindsey gave lectures and workshops, engaging urban residents in envisioning a sustainable future for their city. Her findings and insights were documented in an essay for the Climate Change Relay.


In the subsequent years of 2023 and 2024, Studio Lindsey van de Wetering, in collaboration with Green Growth Suriname, developed a management plan for the public spaces of the Cultuurtuin. She was supported in this endeavor by landscape architect Hanna Prinssen, with whom Lindsey frequently collaborates. This plan, presented to the Minister of Spatial Planning and Environment, serves as a first step in developing, managing, and maintaining public spaces in collaboration with various partners.


As an architect, Lindsey aims to understand and enrich the experience of space at all scales. Her design process often begins with intuitive and free sketches, seeking connection with the context. The past and present serve as sources of inspiration for creating a better future, where innovation and respect for history go hand in hand.


Since 2016, Lindsey van de Wetering has been working as an architect at mojo/architecten in close collaboration with Joep Mollink. Mojo/architecten is an Amsterdam-based architecture firm with extensive experience in area development, transformations, urban planning, architecture, and mobility. They are active in both the public, cultural, and private sectors.

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