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muSEAm of Crisis and Awareness


The museum is located at the shore of central square, in the East of Boston. The area is a vulnerable spot in many ways. The less fortunate people live here and this location has been struck by storm several times, the damage is still visible. Furthermore this will be one of the two entrances where the high tide will enter the entire area of east Boston in 2070.

The purpose of this muSEAm is to get the people closer to the water. Because of this muSEAm we give the people a reason to stay in East Boston. There will be place for both the water and the neighbors. The  relation to water will change.

A new harbourwalk is given back to the neighborhood. The route is based on experience and view delibaretely set up based on the specific location. It interacts with the water and the people bringing
them closer together. 

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