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Sled on the ice | the experience

Personal Work, 2017

One day, in 1997 during the cold winter, streets were frozen, at one point even covered with a thick layer of ice. It’s the day that my dad put on his ice skates and skated on roads of Breda pulling me on a sled behind him. Memories are frozen in bright coloured ink, they will fade slowly but leave their trace. 

This form-study is a study on the texture of ice and how we can control the process of melting and freezing. Ice contains many layers. Let’s reveal these layers. Motion, moving, dynamic, continuous change of weather, unpredictable...

‘Sled on the ice’ is part of ‘Wether/Weather’ as conceived and edited by Aliki van der Kruijs guest teacher during Masters of Form at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam.

 photography art prints for sale in limited edition,

feel free to contact me if you are interested...

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