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a temporary forest at the Marineterrein, Amsterdam

Wandering through the forest, trees and tubes sky high poking the clouds. Large objects hover above your head. Light shimmers through the tubes of the forest. The shadow makes the metal cold.
A place where you can hide yourself, discover hidden spots around and sometimes even inside. Circling around, getting lost in time and orientation, no straight line, nothing forced, no corners. Sound echoes through telling you where you are.
Let’s go up the stairs spinning through. Stairs here are the lianas of the cityscape. Getting higher up you will find yourself time traveling through day and night, moving backwards and forwards, lightness and darkness.

Let’s take a breath and rest. No more oppression and narrow darkness. The metal whispers, telling you your location in the forest.
More light, more air, more sight. The fresh air that slowly comes through.

The sun warms up the cold shadows. The metal radiates the heat on your skin, the skin being the oldest and the most sensitive of your organs. Through the tiny cracks in the metal, light can sneak into the rooms. Stay here for just now.

Wait, there’s more, we can go up higher. You are not lost. Just move up higher, space will get lighter. Follow the stairs up, follow the metal getting warmer, more light beams cut through the indestructible steel. Enough places to take another breath in-between and cross each other’s paths. Space will get wider, warmer and more open. Fewer echoes, less distance the sound needs to travel.

Up there it is bright,
warm shadows will embrace,
the metal changes in density,
the outer worlds will reveal themselves,
just circle around...

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